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How to Manage Risk and Build Business Continuity that Create Resilience

The process of creating a resilient enterprise is not easy, but it is rewarding

May 2, 2021

In the world of business, managing risk takes on many different forms. Whether you are a for-profit business, a non-profit corporation, or a government agency, you have exposure to risk in some form. Managing risk speaks to an organization’s health and its capability to stay engaged in performing its mission, even when faced with adversity.

It means that you are mission ready and capable of producing your products or providing your services at all times. If you are not mission capable, you are out of business. The concept of not mission capable equally applies to the private sector and government entities.

When you consider the impact of risk, you must think about the effects of risk from a broader perspective. For example, a lack of toilet paper is an inconvenience; losing the transportation supply chain is a disaster.

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