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It All Starts With a Quality Risk Assessment

Updated: May 24, 2022

The process requires a thoughtful, detailed, and involved strategy, and is not something achieved using a checklist

May 7, 2022

While security threats evolve and challenges to managing organizational risk become more seemingly every year, the foundation of securing the business is knowing and understanding its vulnerabilities and how those vulnerabilities impact the Enterprise mission and strategy. We determine vulnerability by conducting an all-hazards risk assessment.

Before we get into an in-depth conversation on this issue, let me first demonstrate the importance of quality risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment by asking you a question; what do the following activities have in common? Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Management, Enterprise Security Risk Management, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Global Supply Chain, and Cyber Security. If you answered risk assessment, you are correct. Each of these critical areas of business competence requires a risk assessment.

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