Enterprise Security Risk Management Practices

Enterprise Security Risk Management is a four-step process:


1. The beginning of the value stream for Enterprise Security Risk Management begins with the identification and valuation of all assets.  The process for accomplishing this is an all-hazards risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment.


2. Identifying security vulnerabilities and risks to each asset is accomplished through an in-depth analysis of all manmade, technological and natural threats, and their impact on people, property, and assets.


3. This is followed by a prioritization of risk and the risk relationship to each asset which leads to a Master Plan.


4. Development of risk treatment plans.


The finished product should provide a valuable roadmap for the Enterprise in resolving risk, removing uncertainty, and ensure longevity.


To facilitate this process Setracon, in partnership with The Nohbell Group, has created a proprietary methodology titled ESRMra™,  ESRMra™ is a unique risk assessment process, embedded in Standards, capable of supporting large Enterprise or single facility assessments which cover all hazards and consider critical interdependence. The resulting reports and recommendations lead to true risk mitigation. View the ESRMra™ Data Sheet.

Services and Competencies

  • Comprehensive, Data Driven, Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments for businesses, critical infrastructure, corporations, campuses, utilities, data centers, municipalities, communities, transportation, and other infrastructures.

  • Enterprise Security Risk Management Audits and Implementations

  • ISO Implementation and Audits for the following: Standards Risk Management ISO31000, Resilience Management ASIS SPC.1 ISO 28002, Business Continuity ASIS BCM.1 ISO 22301, Security Management ISO 28000, and Private Security Contractor ASIS/ANSI PSI.1-4

  • Security program audits, development, and review

  • Threat Analysis and Comprehensive Threat Response Planning

  • Review, assessment, and development of physical protection measures; i.e. cameras, lighting, visitor management systems, access control systems, critical communications, window films, alarm systems, fences, and barriers

  • Security Master Planning and Design Review

  • Expert witness testimony for security and training related matters

  • Coordinate and implement security services

  • Principle and Staff Training

  • Broker security services in support of your activity

  • Emergency Response planning and coordination with emergency response, local law enforcement and fire services, in alignment with Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards

  • Blast hazard calculations

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