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Our risk assessment product ESRMra™ is unlike any other risk assessment solution in the market today. We did not take anything away from the way traditional assessments are accomplished. However, we did change how the data is captured and presented!

ESRMra™ was developed by Risk Professionals who each have more than 20 years’ experience individually and a passion for conducting risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments. The software was created by senior developers, using Microsoft SharePoint as a development
platform. Our developers know our industry and are willing to listen to industry needs. We have been supported by critical peer reviews from industry leaders, Chief Security Officers, physical security specialists, and other practitioners. We have engaged several proofs of
concept with Chief Security Officers (CSO’S), physical security specialists, integrators and end users.


How does your product help empower security professionals to create value for their organizations?

There is value in Risk! Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments are core functions of any security program. Risk Assessment is the identification, analysis, and evaluation of uncertainties to objectives and outcomes. It provides a comparison between the desired/undesired outcomes and expected rewards/losses of organizational objectives.

The risk assessment analyzes whether the uncertainty is within acceptable boundaries and within the organization’s capacity to manage risk. The results of the risk assessment inform the responsible and accountable decision-makers(s) of choices available to effectively manage risk to achieve the organization’s objectives. In short, you cannot
develop solutions until you understand the problem. We live in an age of technology, yet in the area of risk assessment professionals still rely on written reports with trapped data. Reports which take weeks to compile are not C-
Suite friendly. In many cases all that gets read is the executive summary and the list of mitigations at the end. Providing the right information, at the right time, with significantly less time invested provides Executive Leadership the ability to understand enterprise security risk and its opportunities.

ESRMra™ uses technology and business intelligence to create data integration and configured workflows which maximize results of traditional Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments. This drives the value proposition and ensures alignment of security and business strategies with enterprise goals. ESRMra™ portrays the assessment as data points where we quantify, rank, and analyze the data, subject it to analytics and use the information for business decision making. The incorporation of data analytics and business intelligence provides detailed critical risk information for Executives in a concise and actionable view.

What are the most important things someone should know about your company?

We are Board Certified Security industry professionals committed to excellence in all aspects of our business. We fulfill the role of trusted advisor. Many of our clients are Chief Security Officers (CSO’s) and Senior Security Managers who need that person they can call upon for industry expertise, assistance in conducting risk assessments,
identifying leading technologies, development of plans, policies, and procedures, conducting gap analysis, and independent program audits. We are agents of change. Our mantra is, “The Business of Security is the Strategy of the Business”. The services we offer portray security and risk as valued part of the organization.

Setracon - Risk Assessment, Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment
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