Training Services

Law Enforcement

Setracon offers a variety of instructional courses to law enforcement in varied capacities, from Basic through advanced skills including the conduct of contract police academies.

Basic Law Enforcement Skills


  • Professionalism and ethics

    • Civil Liability and Risk Management

    • Civil law

    • First Aid, CPR, and blood borne pathogens

    • Bomb threat, recognition, management and search procedures

    • Patrol procedures

    • Use of Force Continuum

    • Verbal Intervention Tactics

    • Defensive Tactics

    • O/C Pepper Sprays OCAD

    • Handcuffing techniques

    • Radio Communications Procedures

    • Effective report writing

    • Officer appearance and public perception

    • Building search and entry procedures


Weapons Courses


  • TASER Certification

  • Expandable Baton

  • Riot Baton

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations

  • Basic Handgun

  • Advanced Handgun

  • Tactical Handgun

  • Concealed Carry and Deployment

  • Basic Shotgun

  • Advanced Shotgun

  • Patrol Rifle

  • Designated Patrol Marksman

  • Sniper/Scout

Advanced Specialty Courses

  • Executive Protection

  • Tactical Warrant Service

  • Improvised Explosive Device Recognition and Avoidance

  • Explosive Threats

  • Bomb Search Techniques

  • Crowd Control Operations

  • Surveillance Operations

  • Undercover Operations

  • Conducting Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability Assessments

  • Evaluating Physical Protection Systems

  • Adversary Path Development

  • Loss Prevention

  • Threat Detection

  • Open Source Intelligence Collection

  • Interviewing Techniques

  • Travel Awareness

  • Protective Driver




The high rate of deployments to critical areas coupled with rapidly changing skill sets makes the outsourcing of training a viable option. The rapid changes occurring in the military coupled with retirements of senior and mid-grade NCO's can leave an organization without specialized trainers and subject matter experts. Setracon can fill this void by providing dynamic cost effective training that will motivate and teach vital skills to your unit. Our unique perspective on military training is provided by the president who holds the rank of Command Sergeant Major.

Military Courses


  • Basic advanced weapons instruction in M16A2, M4, M9, M203, M2, 50 CAL, SHOTGUN and other weapons systems

  • MOUT/Urban Tactics

  • Crowd control and riot control tactics, techniques, formations, and less lethal options

  • Perimeter defense

  • Additionally, we can perform training assessments, assist in creating training plans and develop dynamic integrate field training exercises

Bomb Threat


Setracon offers comprehensive bomb threat management training for corporate, law enforcement and military applications.

Bomb Threat Management Training Courses


  • Bomb Search
  • Explosive Threats
  • IED Education
  • Blast Mitigation and Target Hardening
  • Vehicular Searches
  • Explosives Calculations
  • Development and training of bomb threat management plans

Security Officer Training

The security industry is going through dynamic change. The demands placed on security officers is ever increasing. The pool of qualified available officers is shrinking. Professional training is no longer a "Nice thing to do". It is a professional and legal responsibility. Training facilitates officer retention and loyalty. Training also provides an opportunity to change the image of the overweight. 38 carrying bank fixture to an industry professional who is looked upon with respect by the community they serve and law enforcement.

Security Officer Courses


Training can be conducted at your site or ours.

We offer Basic, Intermediate & Advanced training in the following subjects:




  • Washington State Certifications for Armed Guards and Armed Private Detectives
  • Pistol, Shotgun, and Carbine Courses
  • Concealed Carry
  • Survival Shooting
  • One-handed Shooting
  • Tactical Courses

Non-Lethal and Less-Lethal


  • X/M26 TASER (User & Instructor Courses)
  • Defensive Sprays and Tactics
  • Specialty Impact Munitions
  • Expandable Baton

Skills Training

  • Crowd Control
  • Handcuffing
  • Verbal Intervention Tactics
  • Radio Communications
  • Use of Force Reports
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Bomb Threat Response
  • Bomb Search Techniques
  • Vehicle Search Techniques
  • Conducting Physical Security Sweeps, Searches, and Checks


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